About UX Kickoff

 UX Kickoff is a primer on the basics of user experience design with a focus on helping startups organically improve their UX.


In the first 2-hour session you’ll learn the philosophy, ideas, and principles behind the field of user experience design.

In the second 2-hour session we will discuss the practical application of UX methodology and how startups can improve experiences to create better products.

There will be a catered lunch break between the sessions.

UX Kickoff will focus on practical information that can help to improve products immediately and without an overwhelming amount of cash or time.

As a bonus for attendees, each startup will be have a 1-hour, one-on-one consultation with the Velocis team to help chart a path toward better product success.


What You'll Learn

What is UX?

UX Kickoff will teach you all you need to know about fundamental methodology of user experience design and research.

Why is UX Important?

Experiences matter for your bottom line! UX Kickoff will teach you how to turn average users in to a loyal fanbase!

What is UX Research?

Even if you have a tight budget, UX Kickoff will teach you how to do effective user research so you can learn about your users' behavior!

How Do I Take Action?

UX Kickoff isn't just for learning the basics! You'll learn how to take immediate action to improve your startup's ROI!


The UX Whisperer

UX Kickoff will be taught by Velocis’s UX designer: Andrew Zusman.

New to Dallas, Andrew has spent the past few years teaching user experience design at Netcraft Academy in Tel-Aviv, Israel.  He has worked with numerous startups as well as larger corporations, and is the UX mentor at Coolhouse Labs, a startup accelerator in Northern Michigan.  He has also lectured on universal design across Europe and the lecture landed him a semi-finalist spot in the Design for Experience Awards in 2014.  Andrew will bring his experience and enthusiasm to UX Kickoff!



Ready? Let's do it!


June 6, 2015

10:00am to 3:00pm



Velocis HQ

211 N. Ervay St

7th Floor

Dallas, Texas 75201


Ticket price includes lunch and a one hour consultation with each startup to be arranged at a later date.